Wednesday, January 23

Some favorite snaps

Just throwing a few screencaps up to at least have something in this blog! Click em for the bigguns!My current home, Lakeshore in the Redridge Mountains. I just love this place and it's where my favorite time in the game was at. Met most of my friends while playing this area.

My city home at The Pig & Whistle in Stormwind. There's a ton of empty, never used buildings in the major cities. Make one yours!

Here kicking Scarlet booty in the Monestary's Cathedral. That's Imamyth (warlock) on the left, me in the middle, and Violetvega (mage) on the right.

In Un'Goro with the big dinos. I ended up in a pug trying to finish off quests. When we were done we ran around killing the elites for grins.

The obligatory "Going Through the Dark Portal for the First Time" pic.