Saturday, July 17

Cata-Warriory Things I'm Excited About

So I spent a month researching and writing the whole Arms Quirks thing and Blizzard goes and changes the whole damn thing!  You would think I'd know better.  So, scrap that...

That little frustration aside, though, I'm pretty excited about the changes they've shown so far for Arms Warriors in Cataclysm!  All still very beta, subject to massive change, and spoiler warnings for the remaining of this post, blah blah blah.

In some respects (you might have to use a little biased imagination here), Arms Warriors are becoming the model for most other specs and class.  What?  Sure!  Think of it this way:

Arms Warrior abilities have always been very proc-based. Because of this, you never really have a set, repeated rotation.  You might have an opening that sets you up for a better chance of getting those procs, but mostly it's a set of priorities that change pretty radically when something does proc.

This way of playing makes an Arms Warrior feel more like actually fighting. You maneuver for advantage and when it shows itself, you shove your pointy stick right up it's wazoo. Taking  advantage of split second opportunities (by chance or design) is what being a warrior in a fight is all about.

So far, it looks like Cataclysm is gonna bring that to a lot of classes.  Arms Warriors don't look like they'll change that much, in that regard, and seem to be getting a little fun love from the developers, as well!  Let's have a look where we're at so far.