Meet the Macfays

These are my toons. This page is updated as they grow up and do stuffs. :)

Look! It's Big Bird!
Friday Macfay. Human, Warrior. Grand Mistress Alchemist, Grand Mistress Herbalist, Grand Mistress Fisher, Grand Mistress First Aid. Ambassador of Stormwind, Crusader of the Argent Dawn/Crusade and Dark Mistress of the Dark Clan.

Friday Macfay was born in the Arathi Highlands near the end of the 3rd war with the Orcish clans. Her family moved to Redridge when she was six years old. She grew up in Lakeshire in the Kingdom of Stormwind.

Friday has fought the scourge as a member of the Argent Dawn in Lordaeron and Strom, was sent to Outland to fight against the Burning Legion, and most recently has joined the Argent Crusade in its noble fight against the betrayer, Arthas Menethil, The Lich King.

She is a member of the Dark Clan, a small, select, and secretive group of adventures who travel Azeroth hunting and destroying evil where ever it may be found.

Friday lives in Stormwind City in the Kingdom of Stormwind. She is fond of Dwarven ales, and can often be found relaxing swapping war stories with the regulars at the Lion's Pride Inn. Most recently she answered King Wrynn's call to arms and has been battling the forces of the Lich King and the Horde in Northrend. Her family has heard little news in many months.

Her family includes Jonathan Macfay (Father), Myra Macfay (Mother), Jonny Macfay (brother), Rowan Macfay (twin sister), and Moira Macfay (younger sister). Her best friend and cousin, Neveron Tusdale, is her frequent adventuring companion.

Neveron Tusdale. Human, Priest. Mistress Enchanter and Grand Mistress Inscriptionist. Priestess of the Light.

Rowan Macfay. Human, Rogue. Grand Mistress Leather Worker, Grand Mistress First Aid, Amateur Engineer and Tinkerer.

Rowan is Friday's slightly younger twin sister. She chose a more adventurous path than her soldierly sister. More of a swashbuckler than a warrior, Rowen serves Stormwind from the less savory side of intrigue and covert missions through SI:7.

Sunaris. Dranei, Shaman.

Sunaris met and befriended Neveron shortly after the crash of the Exodar, and is a frequent visitor to the Tusdale and Macfay households.