Sunday, November 23

Lazy Days in Dalaran

Everyone's talking about the bear. The cute white bear. The cute white adorable WoW 4th Anniversary bear. Best pet so far, I think. :D

What a great present from Blizz! TY!

Course, ya gotta get to Dalaran to outfit him. Head over to the pet shop, wash and feed your bear cub so he's nice and shiny and happy. Grab a leash to walk around town with him, on account you don't want a shiny, happy bear cub nibbling on Nelfs. Bad form. And to a bear cub, some of the more diminutive toons are gonna look a lot like tasty gnome snacks. While at the pet shop, be sure to grab some fetch balls. Toooooo fun!

Dalaran is the best city they've done since Stormwind. Seriously. It's a great place to relax and have some fun. I've always wondered why Blizz didn't add more diversions to the cities. Mini-games, arcades, marketplaces, spas... more focused gathering areas. Dalaran is a small, but good, step in that direction. No reason they couldn't add a little more with each patch for fun. And I haven't even found my way down into the sewers yet! I hear they're a blast for fishing. :D

Oh, how'd I get to Dalaran at Level 71? Well... it's pretty easy, actually. An old trick, but it works. You just get one of your Level 72 mage friends to pull you there. Group with your friend and have them go to the Dalaran battle master. Queue up a battleground (any will do) and enter when it pops. Then take the fraidy-cat debuff and leave the battleground. You'll end up in Dalaran. Set your hearth to one of the inns (I'm staying at the lovely A Hero's Welcome at the moment cause it's roughly half way between the bank and the portals). Easy.

Anyhow, Dalaran is gorgeous, of course. And Blizz has done a little to make it more fun. There's a clothier with new shirts. No pants or dresses yet. :( But the shirts are nice. I've been wearing the black pirate shirt or the red one that drops from Cleefy for years. Finally there's an acceptable alternative for casual under-armor garments. Yea! More please. And yah we're really gonna need that wardrobe feature for non-stat items now.

There's a mount vendor. You've probably seen everyone grabbing the brown bear mount, of course. At 750g it was a bit steep for me right now (I hit Northrend with about 1000g ... lol). And there's plenty of people that are fascinated/disgusted with the Tundra Mammoth mount that can carry three players, and has vendors attached to it. I love that idea, but at 20000g I don't love it that much. If I ever come into that much g I'll grab one, but I'm not grinding it out. More fun is that the Snowy Griffin is now available in fast mount form!!! 2000g, but a nice change from the brown griffins with different colored reins. I hope that the Ebon Griffin will be added soon.

I'm sure a lot of the fun stuff is aimed at role-players, but they shouldn't get to have all the fun. Now Blizz needs to add more stores like this, more fun items (at outrageous prices, of course). Add them to the other cities, as well. It'd be fun if each major city had, say, a toy store with different toys in each. Pain to collect 'em all? Probably, but anything Blizz can add to get players to spread out a bit isn't a bad thing. The lag in Dalaran isn't nearly as bad as it was in Shatt at the beginning... but it's bad. I hate turning down the graphics, so to get the pretty views I have to enjoy it as a slide show. Blah.

Some warrior bits...

I'm gonna redo the What Kinda Warrior Guides, of course. They really need to be more generic cause the original idea was NOT to do another How To guide. It's s'pose to me more of a "What It's Like" guide. That's why I didn't to the Prot one yet. It was outdated before it even got finished. So, that's coming up... eventually.

Being a warrior is so much fun right now, it's hard to get into any sort of "optimizing." I have absolutely no rotation, at the moment. It's all "Gee, lets try that cause it seems like a good idea" right now. Just kick back and enjoy it for awhile. No, we're not as powered up as most classes. Yes, Blizz seems to have taken a somewhat meh attitude towards warriors being a "lead" role, opting instead to hand out warrior roles to every other class.

That's actually a good thing, though. Mainly because warriors are now so versatile. And when they finally get dual specs put in the game, it'll be even better. I'll be doing Arms/Prot. For now, though, while many other classes can fill traditional warrior roles, YOU can now fill those other roles much better. Still no effective cc, but wicked dps and multi-mob abilities with built in toughness make a warrior handy in any situation. Try out something new!


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  1. Dalaran is completely different to all the other cities, Blizzard seem to have put alot of effort into making it fun. Toy shops, fountain coins, pet stores! There will always be something to do there and the size of the city should always make it feel like it is bustling. Good post, can't wait for the Warrior guides :D