Tuesday, March 11

Snaps of a little more recent nature...

I was gonna post all my WoW screenshots in chronological order... but there's over a thousand of em, and that's just not going to happen. So here's some more recent ones... in no particular order.

Preparing for Alterac Valley. AV is the bomb! You haven't fought until you've fought AV. So much fun it's freaky. :)

Hanging out at Honor Hold.

Killin' bad teddy bears in Winterfall. Great area, by the way.

My epic mount. :) I get a lot of "whar u get blck horse?" Answer? You fight your ass off in the battlegrounds. heh...

Someone was practically giving away Fiery Weapon in SW. How could I say no? :) I know it's not the most wicked enchant any more, but it's still one of the coolest looking. And I'm not dropping 200g or more on an enchant until I have a weapon worthy of it. So this does nicely for now.

DOH! This is why you do NOT stand in water around electricity. Zangor marsh is one of the coolest areas in the game. Two huge thumbs up!

Me and Voldar (Dark Clan's guildmaster) killin' stuffs in Zangor. 50g says there's Guinness in tha mug. heh... :P

Fighting undead. Plaguelands is one of my favorite areas of the game. Not particularly rewarding past level 60-61, but it ties in so heavily with the previous games that it's a blast. Also has two of the absolute best classic dungeons. The first time you enter Strath, your eyes will pop. Outland is fun, but a bit too sci-fi for me. Plaguelands is ALL original Warcraft. I hope WoLK will tie in with this area heavily and the whole area will get an update. Wouldn't that be nice.

Here I am demonstrating why Warriors must have +HIT gear. Oops.

Another Friday? Yup. On Coilfang, a PvP server. Here leveling in Westfall. PvP servers are fun for a little extra suspense, specially at low levels. Pretty damn funny when high level hordies show up and all us low levels go scurrying for cover, lest we get ganked.

For grins, a few Dark Clan members decided to hit ST. Just three of us, but it was fun. Tough instance, too. That's VioletVega in the back. Voldar is around the corner, I think. Neat shot.

Weirdness at the Pig & Whistle. Okay, so weirder than usual.