Thursday, November 27

WoW I'm Thankful

I'm thankful for my family, and kids, and friends, and so much more. And I'm thankful for WoW, too, of course.

Blizz should add a one-day holiday for Thanksgiving. Even if it's generic thankful day. Why not? A whole day where PvP, for example, is turned off and players from both factions can walk among the opposing faction's cities with open chat.

I know, is *War*craft, but even in war there's breaks in the fighting. A small ceasefire on a special day would be interesting.

Blizzard Entertainment

I'm thankful for Blizz. Sure, I'll jump up and QQ if they do something I think is boneheaded. This wonderful game/experience they've given us, though, is genius. There's been so many great moments I've had in WoW that I truly think it's made some people's lives better, as far as some of the entertainment options we have available to us goes. Thanks Blizz.


I'm thankful for my online friends. Sure I have IRL friends. They're the best. But there's plenty of people I would consider very dear friends, people I've know for years, been through joy and sorrow, experienced part of their lives... and had amazing adventures... that I've never even met FTF before. And probably never will. I'm thankful for them, as well.


I'm thankful for my guild. Dark Clan is made of, oh, 5 active members? 12 or so total that check in on occasion (most of the rest are playing different servers or Horde now-a-days). It's mostly adults who have careers or school or families... you know, real life stuff... and most nights it's just nice to have the guild chat up and have some company. We can't raid, we can't do pre-mades, and we can barely, on occasion, get a 5-man together. But my tiny little guild makes sure playing WoW isn't a lonley experience. Would we take more people in? Sure. Do we actively recruit? No. Are we a pretty quiet and content lot? Yup. And I love it for that. Thank you guildies.


After all this time, they still make me laugh. Thanks guys. :)

Hope you and yours have a Happy Thanksgiving and joyous holiday!


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  1. I'm thankful for Murlocs too. Bless their slimy little scales :D.