Sunday, June 7

Rules of Rage for non-Warriors

In an on going effort to bring The Light (and by "Light" I mean "Warrior Awesomesauce") to the unwashed classes, here's a quicky on Rage for the non-Warrior. Please feel free to contribute if'n I missed somethin'. (Which, let's face it, is pretty likely).

Rules of Rage (for non-Warriors)

1. Your Warrior IS Rage.

2. Everything your Warrior does requires Rage

3. Your Warrior is a sadist and likes to hit stuff to make Rage

4. Your Warrior is a masochist and likes to get hit by stuff to make Rage.

5. If your Warrior can not fill these basic needs, she gets no Rage. Sad Warrior.

6. Do anything to prevent your Warrior from fulfilling these basic needs and she gets no Rage. Angry Warrior!

Warrior tanks need aggro so that stuff will hit them and, thus, make Rage. Lots of Rage lets her hit stuff back really, really hard. Don't ever do anything that would prevent a Warrior tank from getting hit. Some Warrior tanks are SO good at not getting hit that they will take off their pants so that they get hit more. This is "normal." Don't run away and/or ogle their butt.


Damage Warriors do not need aggro, but they must be able to hit stuff to make rage. If you do something that prevents them from hitting stuff, they make no Rage and can not hit stuffs. Damage warriors REALLY like to hit stuffs. These are the boys and girls that, when children, were told by their teachers "We can't hit other people, sweetie" and thought "Sure I can! Watch!" THWACK!


Warriors like Bubbles. They do not deprive your Warrior of her Rage-fix. Bubble, preisty! Bubble!


Do not pull threat from your Warrior Tank, by accident, design, or stupidity. If you pull threat from your Warrior they will get less Rage. Less Rage means they will have less to pull threat back. Less threat for your Warrior means you will probably die. Your Warrior will then get threat back, makes lots and lots of Rage, and be very happy you are dead. Happy Warrior!


Only when your Warrior Tank asks for it. Which will be after they have lots and lots of threat and are punch drunk on Rage overload. AoE too early and you will take threat away. Taking threat away will make the Warrior have no Rage. Bad!


Do not CC the Warrior's target. She will either break the CC and scoff at you, or will not be able to hit the target and, of course, get no Rage. She will, in either case, be very put out.

Do not pull for your the Warrior unless asked. Your Warrior is wise and knows much more then you regarding the Tao of Pissing Off Bad Guys. You are an amatuer compared to your Warrior. A squeeky Padawan to her bitchy Jedi. Your Warrior is wisely plotting initial Rage and sorting out her masochistic/sadistic tendencies to generate more Rage. She'll pull when she's good and f&%@$#ing ready.

Did I miss anything?



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