Saturday, January 23

BAK Happy Blog Day to Me!

Really? Since august? /epicblogfail

Two years ago today Our Girl Friday started. Wow! I don't think I've ever done ANYHTING except play WoW for more than two years! Okay, it's not a consistent two years, but still...

What happen to bring me back was that lately I've been playing on the rogue, Friday's sister, Rowen.  Rowen has been a bank alt for a long, long time and it's her turn.  Fair is fair.

Oh, that and playing a combat rogue is so much fun it's freaky!  Yes, playing the Shaman is so much fun it's freaky too. It's a lot of freaky fun going on here.

Anyhow, we're just about officially between xpacs, and the lure of the alt starts calling again. Fri's skills are all leveled, she's got absolutely gorgeous hot armor again (finally... WotK will be forever known as the xpac of the BORING leveling armor... almost miss the clown suits of BC... not quite, but almost), she's all quested out, and if she has to PuG more than one heroic a day anymore she might puke.  She's still got a few more pieces of gearisms to grab, of course, and there's a few reps to grind, but mostly (unless she starts raiding regularly) she's coasting.

So Rowen's there and I start rogue'in it a bit, and turns out rogues aren't as bad as I thought.  They're wicked fun in dungeons and PvP, and with the Dungeon Finder, gearing and leveling isn't the quest grind it use to be.  In fact, she did ten level entirely in dungeons. Ha!

While I'll probably still be mean to people who play rogues... now I won't be as mean. :P

Anyhoo, we're random PuGing in SFK and someone in the group whispers "I love your blog."  And I'm thinking, "Oh yah, I have a blog. Ooops."  Which was kinda cool cause it's the first time in 2 years anyone's ever said anything in game about the blog. Ha!

Then like, the next day, someone whispers me on Fenris (again while I was playing on Rowen) and asks for some Arms Warrior advice and mentions the blog again. Granted, I'm probably not the best person to ask, but still it's kinda cool.  And there is a horrible lack of Arms Warrior stuff on the web (though, what is there is fabulous).

So, it's the blog's birthday and I figured it would be a good time to start posting again.  Nice to see ya and if you see a silly rogue named Rowen that needs to LTP in the lowbie randoms, give a wave. :)



  1. Welcome back!!

    It's good to see you around here again, it;s always nice to read what you have to say. :D

  2. :)

    Yeah, I've done about 70 LFG pugs on Birdfall and have been recognized twice. I also had a guy glomp on one of my guildmates once and say he was a massive fanboy of mine. XD

    Isn't it surreal?