Sunday, August 29

For the.... Horde?!?

I have a confession to make.

I'm leveling a toon Horde-side.

I know, right?!?

Let me 'splain. . .

I've always liked PvP.  Maybe more like a love/hate relationship would be a better description than "like." Playing a Warrior in PvP is tough. It takes patience and a lot of dying over and over to gear up before you're even remotely effective. It also takes a lot of calm, cool, methodical planning and maneuvering to be good at it.

Yah, that's not really me.

Neveron, Violet, and Shortbella pay a visit.
I can do it, but sometimes in PvP ya just wanna mash some  heads and create mayhem in a "kill 'em all" induced frenzy.

So when I started leveling a Rogue, I naturally slipped into PvP with her. Hey, there's some good leveling gear available from honor that works well with the BoA stuff too!  And OMG, a rogue is WAY more fun to play in PvP. Way! I use to hate rogues, but now I realize why.  It's 'cause they have so much damn fun in Battlegrounds!  Jealous!

The whole rogue thing was great.  Then they turned on XP gains for Battlegrounds and I figured I'd heal my way to 80 on the Priest.  Which was even MOAR fun than playing a rogue.  Here we have the calm, cool of a Warrior combined with the HaHa-Gotcha of a Rogue and the intense challenge of keeping everyone around you upright and breathing while being focused 99.9% of the time.

New Title: Spike-killer Fridaymacfay.
So, some people at work started up the office guild again and I agreed to play.  Unfortunately, they all play Horde. Gah!  I mean, nothing wrong with the Horde, except you know... they're Horde!

I picked a Tauren cause they seemed the less Horde-like, to me. (Wow, they move slow. Feels like it, anywho.) And since I never tried one before, and I liked healing so much on the priest, I decided to try a Resto Druid.

The verdict:  Fun. Way fun. Huge, mondo, Tauren-sized fun!

K, I still don't care for the whole Horde-experience thing. Nothing wrong with it, just not my bag of doughnuts. Playing through some areas from the other side, though, is very interesting.  Now that leveling is fairly easy, I can pick and choose what quest lines to follow and then just random dungeon or PvP my way past those I don't care for.

In the face!
In the BGs, though, a druid is just four different kinds of WICKED!  Literally.  Focused? Bear! Not focused? Heal!  Need to tear some ass? Kittah!  Need to haul ass? Lil' Kittah! Druid in PvP is like a Swiss Army Knife with teeth!

In WSG, for example, I've flag carried as Prot before. That's like being an armored truck. Grab the flag and keep trudging along with Shield Wall and Shield Block and hope to hell you get heal or two as you trundle your way all the way home.

FC as a druid is just grins. Room full of defenders?  HoT, HoT, HoT, Bear, grab the flag, get outside, little kitty all the way home, cap!  There's a very good reason why you hate Druid FCs. :)

On D, just root the FC in place and you'll have "Not in My House" on your first battle!

I know that all this is something Druids have known for years.  But if you've never even considered playing a Druid, give it a shot.  Even if it's only for the fun in BGs. Definitely a quintessential WoW experience!

The proper attire for herbing.
If you switch factions, though, just remember which side you're playing for. Running along-side the human pally FC trying to figure out why you can't attack that stinkin' undead mage can be a bit embarrassing. Not that I've done that, of course, I'm just saying . . .


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