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How to Join Dark Clan

How do you join Dark Clan?

I dunno. :) We really don't have anything formal in place for joining, so here's my thoughts.

First the stats in brief, just in case you don't want to read my long, meandering posts:

Guild Name: Dark Clan
Realm: Fenris (US)
Battlegroup: Whirlwind
Affiliation: Alliance
Guildmaster: Voldar
Dark Lords (by level): Voldar, Violetvega, Beanbush, Fridaymacfay, Jayja, Tagnar, Duhgoat
Type: Social
Membership Roster: Dark Clan Official Roster
Website: http://darkclan.guildomatic.com/

Dark Clan Is

Dark Clan is a social guild for people to get together and have adventures on WoW. One our founders was the kinda guy that never went questing anywhere without a crowd. Not because it was easier, but because the game is a LOT more fun with people to share it with. I think his attitude toward the game is the most attractive aspect of our guild and demonstrates, better than anything I'll say here, the type of players we have and would like to recruit.

Dark Clan is an Alliance guild on the Fenris realm in the Whirlwind Battlegroup. Yup, we have the requisite tabbard, guild bank, and website. The guild is open to all classes, mains and alts. If you like playing WoW, you're in!

Mostly, Dark Clan is about having folks with which to share the WoW experience. For me, even when I'm solo'ing, having the guild chat going is awful nice. All the members are friendly and respectful. The Dark Lords and members alike will often drop what they're doing to help each other out.

Where are we in the game? At this point, we're looking to build membership up enough to run 5-mans and heroics regularly. Hitting the 10-man raids and starting Kara is definitely an interest in the guild right now, as well. Most of our 70s are working on faction rep and gearing. We DO like to see progression with our toons, just not at the sake of having fun!

What Dark Clan Isn't

While we certainly actively help players level, we are not a traditional Leveling Guild. We're not going to power level your toon to level cap as fast as possible. While trying not to speak for any other member, I think we all agree that leveling through the content is a HUGE and important part of the game.

We are not a Raiding Guild. We enjoy running instances together and in PUGs. It is certainly something most members would like to do more of as the guild grows. The promise of exclusively 10-man mode raids in the up coming expansions is a huge plus for a guild like ours. But I doubt we'll ever be a 4 or 5 night a week Raid Guild.

And Joining???

There's no formal process for joining Dark Clan. The Dark Lords (guild officers) pretty much agree that the main requirement is that you have to actually play with a member and be recommended. While not even remotely inclusive, some things we'd look for while adventuring with you would be:

* Friendly and easy to get along with. We're not talking pushovers that do what they're told. We're talking about people who are respectful and polite, and have an eye toward making the experience fun.

* Interested in learning your class. No one expects you to be an expert right off and we all recognize that there nuances of each class that require practice. Your level of skill is not really the issue. Mainly it's knowing how your class works in relation to other classes. As a whole, I'd say we ARE NOT be big fans of the "there's only one way to do this" school of playing WoW. ;)

* Be a group player. How your toon fits into the group they're playing with. Not how your class' abilities work in a group, but how YOU play that class in a group. The hunter who tanks with his pet, instead of letting the tank tank, is a good example of someone who doesn't know how to play their class with others. The hunter who uses their pet as an off tank when the cc resists, or in the absence of a proper OT, is an example of a player who does know how to adapt to a group.

* Contribute. Yeah, throw some mats, a green, a couple of gold in the Guild Bank occasionally. But contribute, for us, is largely about helping other players and joining them on adventures. Most of us like to have some quite solo time. That's a good thing. But if you're generally a solo-only player, joining any guild is probably not the thing for you. There's probably a small unspoken requirement in Dark Clan that you group up from time-to-time.

* Your main goal is to have fun. Dark clan just isn't going to be a guild for hardcore progression, end-game oriented players. We're all interested in that content, but we'll get there in our own time and have fun doing it. The same goes with all aspects of playing WoW. If it isn't fun, it isn't worth doing. :)

That may not be the most focused description of a guild ever. :) But that's kind of the point. If you like playing WoW, want to enjoy all aspects of the game, and have some pleasant company doing it, then Dark Clan is for you!

What not to do: Don't pester a Dark Lord (or any member) with invite requests. Ask for membership politely, once, and it'll get passed up to a Dark Lord right away. Don't dance naked in the streets trying to attract attention. We only do that during the Harvest Festival. Every guild has to have standards. (I think naked VC runs for new recruits should be required... but I'll probably get out voted on that one.) We're a fairly low key guild, so public broadcasts for membership on /Trade are probably not a good idea, either.

There's no application process. Seek out a member and ask to group with them sometime. If it looks like things are gonna work out, they'll pass your name up to a Dark Lord. The Dark Lord will send ya a tell, talk to you about the guild a bit, and offer you an invite. It's that easy. ;)

If you want an Excellent social guild, Dark Clan is for you. Chat with one of our members and join in the fun for a bit. We'd be happy to have ya!


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