Saturday, June 28

Warrior Sweetness from WWI

Could it be true? Warriors are getting some Blizzard love??? YES!

As I write this I'm listening to Wow Insider's live broadcast from the World of Warcraft Invitational in Paris on WoW Radio. Yeah, Diablo 3 is coming. Yup, Death Knight looks like a major heaping pile of kickass. Blah Blah Blah...

How about a taste of my Dual Wielding Big Ass 2-hander in each paw Titan's Grip of fury!!!! Or maybe a little taste of some whirling Bladestorm o' Death action, eh? You want it? C'mon and getcha some!

Fury warriors are gonna be peeing themselves over this one. And now I scoff at all who mocked me for sticking the the old fashioned dual wield spec. Bwahahahaha!

Seriously, though... The idea, and we can keep our fingers crossed, is that Fury becomes the bezerker rip your arms and legs off and beat you and your dog to death with them spec it always should have been. Protection warriors become those unstopable beasts that shrug off mountains falling on them like its a spring shower. And Arms becomes the special type of master weapon weilder that will "do you left handed" with a tooth pick because otherwise "if I use my right, it's over too quickly."

I love this. Arms warriors apparently (not clear on this yet) will be getting something called Bladestorm, which if it's anything like the existing weapon proc, would be... freaking unbelievable! More later... check out the news on WoW Insider and elsewhere for info about all the Blizzard goodness this weekend, particularly the changes to each Warrior spec. Yeah, my nipples got hard thinking about Diablo 3, as well. I gotta admit, the guys at Blizzard know how to keep ya hooked. Kudos!


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