Sunday, August 24

Awesome AV!

Battlegrounds in Battlegroup Whirlwind have definitely been getting better. As long as you don't get in one going up against a pre-made. Horde or Alliance, Blizzard's lame queue system doesn't discriminate. I haven't tried the math yet, but I'm pretty sure that if you queue up in a pre-made, you have a great chance of fighting a PuG than you do another pre-made. But...

No QQ. No. No. No.

'Cause occasionally, you get one that's complete and utterly EPIC! And it makes all the pain and suffering worthwhile.

This one from last night was one of the best AVs I've fought in a loooooooong time. It started out simple enough. Rush to Gav/Belinda. Kill 'em. Move on. Lately I've been stopping at IBT right after Gav because the RH-Rushers tend to forget it, and of course the Horde back caps it. I would too.

A group had already cap'd it, though, so I went on to IBGY, which was already well defended, and on up to TP. Into TP and cap it and we start working on the guards. All pretty standard fare. Then the fight started...

Some doofus cap'd FWGY too early and, of course, the Horde players ended up in a forced turtle. Since the forward GYs hadn't capped, most of their team starts rez'ing at RH. That was facilitated by the massive battles at IBT and TP! What a fight! Up the towers, down the towers, in front of the towers, back up to the GY. It was nuts and so much fun!

The Horde managed to defend TP once, with us immediately retaking it. So we had to hold it for about seven minutes. And it was a long hard fought seven minutes. :)

Finally, both towers are burning and we all head up to join our O at FW. Cept so far they haven't even gotten through the choke point leading into the base. Now at that point, most of us are thinking, "Great we capped the towers, but they got our bunkers and now it going to be a slow grind with them way ahead. woopee!" But it didn't happen...

Our Warriors and Rogues and Pallys pushed forward, supported by Priests and Mages and Locks and Hunters. This went back and forth for a good 20 minutes. At some point, I was dotted up and couldn't get back under cover quick enough and ended up rez'ing at FWGY. So those of us of the dead ride back into FW. And there's like a bulge of blue dots all the way up the slope and into their base proper. They were getting pushed back, but it was the farthest progress so far!

Four of us make a mad dash into the South Tower and cap it quickly. Then we all huddle in the flag room and wait for the mass of Horde that'll be swarming up behind us. And they came. And we fought. And fought. And then fought some more. And at some point they weren't coming any more and I stuck my head out to find North swarming with green name tags. And the center just in front of the towers was holding as well! I couldn't belive it.

Soon, the towers cap and our Bunkers cap. And the score is like 105 to 89 in favor of the Horde. So we jump off the burning towers and the fight really heats up. We manage to push them all the way to the RH bridge, but stall there. It's a wicked nasty choke point when there's close to 30 players holding it and the GY right behing them!

The melee fighters are feignting forward, the healers are healing as they fall back, the range fighters and casters are pounding away. And the Horde was doing exactly the same. There was no slacking on either side. Both sides pounded the hell out of each other. Everybody, on both sides, did exactly what they were suppose to do. It was amazing.

And the score. Nailbiter city. It stayed with 5-10 points in favor of the horde until then 30s. Then it slighty shifted to Alliance by 3 points. Back and forth in a massive, epic battle. It was amazing. I wish I had thought to take screenshots, but I was too busy trying to stay alive! :D

And the final score?

Though they'll probably never see it... thanks to the entire Alliance and Horde teams. That was amazing guys. Do it more often!



  1. Nice. I don't PvP as much as I'd like really, and those epic battles just make me want to jump in and go all out. The best AV I ever went in we had a 15 minute fight on the field of strife, and both sides summoned their ice-lord, which kinda ended the fight.


  2. Back in the day before BC, when rep counted for something, I farmed AV from neutral to exalted (which was alot, this was the short version of AV, not the weekend long version) and I only had two wins that whole time. Ever since then I have just avoided AV from those bad memories.

    However last Christmas I went there and threw the snowballs at the Alliance on the bridge, good fun. They'd have to be my best AV memories.

  3. Ah, MB... I remember those days. :) AV isn't nearly that interesting any more, alas. No one ever fights in the Field of Strife, though it use to be the major point of the game. Most of the fighting is done in the choke points now, which are just grindfests. I read there's a new achievement coming for AV when you kill an enemy player there, so maybe that'll heat things up again... though overall I'm not terribly impressed with BG Achievements. Still, anything to make it more interesting and engaging is a good thing!


  4. lol, tw! During Children's Week this year, both sides had their orphans in there with them. Everyone just had a lot of fun instead of trying to blast or grind a win. We charged into Frostwolf with a bunch of people yelling "Orphans FTW!" And the Horde players were shouting something, as well. Snowballs is a good idea, as well. (Hmmm... think i still have some in the bank... /grin)