Tuesday, August 12

Back to Arms, Purple Birdies, and Big ePeen Swords

I know there at least two people under 70 that read this blog. Maybe a few others, but they and everyone else, it seems, can't wait to get done with the leveling and hit the cap. Bad news. It just starts at 70. :)

Actually, you just level a little different. One way is gear. The difference between a new 70 Warrior who just ding'd and a T6 geared 70 is about the same as between 50 and 70. Okay, maybe not quite that much, but it's a HUGE difference. So gear is one way you'll measure your "level" after you've filled all your bubbles.

I have both of the S1 Glad one-handers, so I already passed the "got your weapon" gear check. But I decided to do it again, because I wanted to try the 45/5/11 MS Warrior spec out properly. Well... that... and it's a big freakin' honker of sword! :D So last night I got the sword after a couple of awesome AVs. And of course, I ran right across the hall and respec'd.

I already kinda miss Fury, though. It's a lot of fun. I think I mainly miss dual wielding, though. Two swords are just too wicked cool. There's no practical reason, of course. And I do LOVE the Great Sword. Fantastic damage, big freakin' hits, and lots and lots of epic win. Highly recommended, if you have the means.

Another way you'll measure your "level" at 70 is reputation with different factions. The faction you're working on will replace your XP bar. I finally got around to grinding/questing out Revered with the Aldor. Made some nice progress toward Exalted as well, though the rest is all grind. Blah!

Gold. Gold is another way you'll measure yourself as you progress at 70. Not how much you have (who cares?) but what you DO with it. You can buy a vanity title, but the big score is your mounts. The first one isn't too bad, but the epic flyer is 5000g. Yipes! That's a lot of dailies.

Last night, after finally breaking down and admitting I wanted it, I broke the 5000g mark, ran straight to Wildhammer Hold and got my epic flight training. The difference is... amazing! OMG! If you think the regular flyer will do ya, forget it. You WANT the epic flyer whether you know it or not. Now I have a nice pretty purple bird. No name for him yet. I'll think about it.

Now I can work toward getting a Netherdrake! :) More rep grinding. Woopee.

This is one thing I hope Bliz fixes a bit in WoW when Wrath releases. I'd rather quest for reputation. Even if meant piles and piles of quests. Or something more interesting than killing the same three types of demons over and over, ad naseum. Or running the same damn instance over and over, ad ... well, you get it. One idea that's being tossed around is faction tabards. Basically, when you wear a particular faction's tabard, you get xp AND rep with them. Okay, that'll work. :) Keep the fingers crossed (toes too!).

Now that I finally bought a large, two handed penis... er... sword (no batteries required! yah!), I decided to solo Gruul's Lair. Piece of cake!



PS Dance music added. Please /dance from now on when you read this blog. TY!

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