Sunday, February 15

Warrior Love!

Hope everyone had a wonderful "Love is in the Air" event and hope you found the love you wanted, be it a dark and mysterious Death Knight, some phat lootz, or that hot guy/girl in some far flung region of Azeroth that you'll never see again.) :D


  1. So very cool! And you're right, if you can't tank it in a lovely black dress, you shouldn't be tanking it :)

  2. Very nice!

    I suspect it's one of the most successful strategies around - put a hot warrior woman in front of any boss wearing that and watch them lose all focus!


  3. That would make a great Valentine's Day card! :)

  4. lol glad ya like gang!

    And yah, the new Prot Warrior ability for 3.1 will be [Cleavage]. It'll OP female Prot Warriors in PvP, but... I really don't have a problem with that. :D