Sunday, February 22

The 6th(s)

This is kinda fun. Pix(Lelissa) at Pixelated Executioner tagged me for that 6th folder/6th pic thing going around. TY! (Click link, read all about Arms Warrior goodness and some great fiction as well!)

I don't actually have a 6th folder. I only have two screenshot folders. One is all pre-Wrath, and one started a few months before Wrath. I've no clue how they're sorted, so also gonna assume it doesn't matter. So to bend the rules a bit, a grabbed the 6th pic out of those two. I dunno what the rules are, anyway, so if this is a YDIW situation please let me know.

I'll still do it my way, of course, but you can let me know if ya like. :)

Unfortunately, nothing terribly exciting. No major raid bosses downed or massive achievements gotten. Fun, though, since I ended up spending an hour going through my old screenshots. Ah, memories... :)

Un'Goro days. Everything's so GREEN! Me and Violetvega... and Voldar is around somewhere. This was when I was in an even smaller family guild than Dark Clan. It was called the Defenders of Blackstone. No idea why. DC would have just started w/ Vi and Vo as founding members. This would been early 50s, maybe? Finally got a little payback on those stinkin' dino elites running around in there. And to think, now-a-days, hunters tame those! Tanked sans heals as Arms, btw, ftw! :D

Solo in Scholo again. A bit before Wrath I was sick of Outlands. So I decided to knuckle down and finish off that last bit of Argent Dawn rep. Which meant running Scholo and Strath over and over and over again. I thought the short hair was cute w/ that armor, but turned out to be just a phase. I did create an alt, a Rogue named Rowen, that looks exactly like that, though. She's hanging in Goldshire, I think. On the upside, it got me tons of greens to send to Neveron (my Priest) to DE for mats, which quick leveled her enchanting. Birds and stones, ya know?

Not far off from Argent Knight now. :D

What I like about these two pictures is the illustration of how our lil' toons get all grown up. From funny headgear and no pants hoping around the jungle, to decked out in black glowy armor like a bad girl. Will that S1 armor ever not look hot? Prolly not.

K, I'm spose to pick six bloggers to pass this on too. So... I pick...

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With the exception of Tankette's, I picked people I haven't seen a post from in a bit. :) Though I prolly picked a few that have already been picked. Easy post though...

Have fun and happy adventures!


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  1. Well I must admit that I was VERY surprised to see that I've been tagged! So surprised in fact, I actually sat bolt upright in my chair!

    My PC has been debilitated by an electrical surge thanks to a storm last week, but I'm getting it looked at and will post my screenshot(s) ASAP :)

    I think I need to start taking more screenshots *lol*