Friday, July 17

Casual Friday: New Alt and some stuff

I thought I try Casual Fridays again on, you know, Fridays. So now it's Sunday and I'm finally getting it published. HA! Best laid plans and all that. Maybe I should start writing this on Monday. Hmmmm....

Since I don't have anything important to say that wouldn't take more than two hours to finish writing (and then still not be important, of course) I thought I'd take up the Twitter habit, and some other bloggers habits (SWIPE!), of posting links to stuff I like. So just click and have fun dammit.

At the end, I wanna take a moment to introduce everyone to my new main alt, enhancement shammy Sunaris!

First, the blog posts I liked this week. Yah, the is very random and I'm probably missing a few. My apologies to the bloggers I skipped. Remember: my attention span is less than zero, so this'll be all the posts I liked until I get tired of copying and pasting links.

Flowchart Friday and In Which I Rant About Belts from I Like Bubbles. Warrior tanking AND fashion rant in the same week?!? Genius. As for the deh bewbs... to borrow a quote from Teri Hatcher when she was on Sienfeld: "Yes, they are real. And they're *magnificent!*"

7 Things I have learned about Specing from TankingTips. Great advice and he made up a word: "Specing." Make up words are the best!

Translating Blue from Tanking for Dummies. One of the best tank sites takes a pessimistic view of the Warrior Q&A posted by Blizz this week. Loved it! It's funny AND accurate. I'll be taking a more optimistic (sorta) look at it here in a bit, but Tarsus pretty much nails what a lot of other Warriors (inc m'self) were thinking when we read the Q&A.

Arms Elementary School from Pixelated Executioner continues the series looking at Level 30-39. If you're thinking of trying Arms warrior, READ PIX'S POST FIRST! This is the readme.txt for aspriing Arms Warriors. :)

Want to Buy a Tanking Dummy by Pretty in Plate. This is such a great idea I'm surprised it's not in the game. As it is, the only way to figure out how you're doing as a tank is to go out and do it. And get beat up a lot. Tanking dummies would be a nice addition.

I'm not the Kind of Hunter... from Escapist Scrawl. :D People are strange... Oh, and... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Smelling the Roses from Holy Discipline. Good advice, as well. Play as you wish. :)

This week's top pick: I Found a Newbie from Awakening in Progress. I still love newbies. :D

Now on to the Shammy Power!

Here she is.

I'm not quite into her hair yet, but I'll play with that at the Barber Shop. Apparently the Exodor doesn't have one?!? K.

I like moon shots. Dunno.

Yup, nother moon shot. I know they're spose to be Space Goats,
but the bottoms that match this top would have been WAY too furry.

The whole key to being a good Shaman is having as many glowy,
spinny, twirly, flappy and wipsy things on you as possible. So, yes
the moth is required.


Stop and enjoy a sunset occasionally.
(Just mind the bear that's about to bite your big, bouncy booty.)


  1. *squees at having two posts linked*

  2. Ha! Gotta recognize genius when I sees it!

  3. I <3 moon shots too. ^_^ My first and favorite shot of Dustfire was in front of a big shiny moon.