Sunday, January 25

The Hottest New Sport in Azeroth

And now for something completely silly. Actually had a pretty serious post planned for today, but not in the mood right now. Maybe later. Okay who am I kiddin'. Probably not, but we'll see... No pics or vids for this one yet, but might update it later on.

Today I want talk about the hottest new sport in Azeroth: Northrend Cliff Diving!

K, not hot yet, but I'm predicting it will be HUGE!

One thing Northrend gave us was a big dependable body of water to fly over. This is important because you get to experience free fall from insane heights without having to be a Mage or a Priest. And now that those classes can share their floaty goodness with the rest of us, things for Cliff Divers just got WAY better.

My guild leader, Voldar, and I are always jumping off things. We also can't resist a cave. If there's a cave, we're in there. Oh, and Ogres. There's just something really funny about dead Ogres. Dunno. Oh yah, jumping off things... Anyhoo...

So awhile back we'd just kicked the crap out of Day of the Worgan, three times, and we're flying back toward the coast of Grizzly Hills. Suddenly he goes out of sight. I can see his dot is right on top of me, but it's up so high I can't see his bird any more. A moment later he comes screamin' by me, droping like a stone, and laughing and waving. Then Sploosh into the water.

And I'm thinkin'... now that IS COOL!

So up I go, dismount, and plunge to uncertain doom. And the view is spectacular. Free fall IS the way to enjoy the splendid vistas of Northrend, sans a big bird butt in your face.

That's fun about two times. Okay, three times. Then I forgot about it untill...

I'm running around doing quests in Stormpeaks on account I like 'em (amazing zone!) and I need the golds. That Titansteel helm for Prot Warriors is wicked hotness. It shall be mine.

Stormpeaks has these amazing and majestic views. Okay most of Northrend is like that, but the scale in Stormpeaks is huge and full of pure, stark beauty. Lately, I'm solo kicking the crap out of elite quest bosses. Have been for a while now, which is really neat. I did the troll boss (forget his name and too tired to look it up) in Zul Drak solo with the big kitty at the end of the Animal Gods chain. That's actually a good fight for a Prot Warrior. You stay alive until the kitty shows up. Then do as much damage to the boss as possible. When you eventually eat it, the kitty will keep the boss going. Corpse run back as quick as possible (it's not far), rez and heal/buff up. By then the kitty will be about done. You pick up the boss and finish him off. Three people, my ass. :)

Wandered again, sorry...

I get to the part of the harpies quest where I gotta kill the matriarch. And I'm thinking I'm all big and bad and solo'ing quest bosses left and right, no worries. I fly up there and start beating on her, and before long... I'm in the graveyard. WTF? See, she has the freezy thing that does massive damage, plus the nice hard hits coming in while you're frozen. And being frozen is a Very Bad Thing for a Warrior. No dodge, no block, no parry. Just sit and take it. It hurts bad.

So I figure I just need to get the self healing and mitigation down in the right sequence. So I rez and get ready to have another go.

Oh, there's a guy at Frost Hold who sells beer. Grab some of the Snowfall Lager. This is relevent I promise.

So me and harpie beeotch go at it again. I last a little longer, but she's down to half and I'm out of cooldowns, pots, and self heals. So I do the most reasonable thing I can think of. I turn and jump off the cliff.

Then it's a mad scrable to get my bags open and down a tasty, refreshing Snowfall Lager on my way down. And it worked!

The next 30 seconds are this wonderful free fall from hundreds of feet in the air into the village below, filled with the splendor of Stormpeaks laid out below me. Freakin' Awesomesauce!

As I finished off the Bran quests last night (brothers reunited and seperated by fate again... another win in the quest department for Blizz. /cry), I kept an eye out for other potential cliff diving opportunities. There's the absolutely dizzying cliffs off the coast where those Earthen are. And that big Maker's hole in the Steppes. ("I dived the Maker's Hole!" T-shirts will be available soon.)

I predict, with Snowfall Lager available, that Stormpeaks will be the ultimate hot spot in Azerothian Cliff Diving. But I'm already thinking of other places. Voldar and Violet are both mages... they already port and provide food, no reason they can't go along as a floaty buff. hee hee. I can think of few in Kalimdor that would be wicked. Have to work on making a list. I'll remember to remember location names (or at least not be so lazy and look them up).

Told ya it was just silliness today.

But fun silliness. Try it. :)


PS Dear Blizzard, we need a diving animation. Thanks.

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  1. My favorite thing to do is go full tilt on my zhevra at a cliff, then cast levitate as I hit the air. Epic land speed free fall without getting hurt!