Sunday, January 11

Friday Jenkins

Okay, I know it's no big deal anymore... if it ever was... but if you haven't gone for your Jenkins title, just do it. :)

Some guildies needed to make a run into LBRS, so Droughlar (our Holy Pally) and I decided to run 'em through it real quick. It'd been awhile. But it was quick. Warriorin' is great for this sort of stuff. Aggro everything, kill it, move on. Really no heals required. Arms Warriors just kill everything before it becomes a problem. Prot Warriors just barely take any damage. :D And I never got back dated for the achievement, so picked that up too. Yeah!

While you're bouncing around slaughtering LBRS, the Anadorned Seal of Acension and the related gems drop to make the Forged Seal of Acension which begets the actual Seal of Acension. Alicide, one of our Rogues, started following up on the quest chain, and Wolfrmoon, a Hunter, needed to get into UBRS to hatch some crazy scheme of getting some uber weapon. (Yes, we told him it'll be replaced by a green ten minutes after stepping into Outland, but he still wants it. I can respect that since I have a bank full of that sort of stuffs.)

Anyway, Ali starts running down the quest, and a day later she's ready to finish it off and take out Emberstrife. K. So Voldar (Frost Mage and our guild master) and I go help with that and then it's off to UBRS (sans Hunter, but we'll take him soon, I promise). And we get to thinking... Jenkins Achievement. :)

Seriously, the fight is terribly easy for two 80s and a 56 Rogue that hides in the corner for most of the mess. It took three tries. First try we just ran in Leeroy style and started killing whelps. No good, couldn't kill 'em fast enough. So, on the second try we run in different directions and start killing welps. Got about 25 before the timer ran out. Yah, I'm a dummy... it was about that time that I realized the time doesn't start until you kill a whelp.

Tip: Turn on the Achievement tracking. It'll show you how many whelps ya got and runs a timer as soon as the first one dies.

So, on the third try, he started at one end and I started at the other. We popped and aggro'd just about every egg/whelp in the
place. Then we just met in the middle and cut loose. About 8 seconds later... Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeroy! Ding.

K, we grabbed WAY too many eggs. But still no problem. Between the unlimited fun of Thunderclap and Vo's massive AoE, there was a mighty big pile of dead welps.

After, we kept going through UBRS for grins. Then we popped into Blackwings Lair and died quickly. :D Granted neither of us has ever been on a 40-man raid before, so I'm pretty sure we were doing it wrong for just two of us. (Ali didn't make it much further into UBRS.) Maybe we'll read up on it a bit and go back with a few friends.

Completely silly, waste of time. :D But if you're in a tiny guild like me, and you don't get to do things together as much as you'd like, this is a fun one that takes an evening. And of course, the snazzy Jenkins title. There's that.


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