Sunday, January 4

Back, A Big Gun, and Something to Hide Behind

I'm about to hit 80 and I haven't even finished Zul Drak yet. In fact, I still need to go back and do one quest in the Fjord, almost all of Tundra, a bit more in Dragonblight, all of Basin, all of Icecrown, all of Storm Peaks and haven't even stepped foot in Wintergrasp yet. Dungeon-wise I've only gotten up to Gundrak!

Sometimes I miss the days when it took a week of solid playing to level. :)

On the other hand, I'm looking forward to reputation building a little more. The new tabard, championing system looks like a great idea. And since I haven't done any of the level 80 dungeons or heroics, there'll be plenty of rep to get. Oh, and the gold. I need some g. Switching to g from xp... well, I like leveling and questing... but I like buyin' stuffs more. :)

With that in mind I made an initial shopping list for the first bits of gear I'll need. Since I'm tanking way more than dps'ing lately, I'm focusing there first. I made this list not as a final gear check, but rather what would be obtainable with limited play time available. Suggestions welcome.

For now I have Back, Ranged and Shield lists. Still working on the others... Boots seems to be in short supply. Hmmmm.

Wish List


Screeching Cape - Drops off of Erekem in regular Violet Hold. I like this dungeon, so it's do'able.

Cloak of Peaceful Resolutions - Gotta get honored with Wyrmrest Accord, but I'm thinking I'm gonna do that anyway. I've never gotten mounts beyond the basics. Now that they don't eat bag slots, though, I might start a collection. :) And the red dragon mount from these guys just sounds nifty.

Tattered Castle Drape - This would be awesome but would probably require a billion more runs through Utgarde. We'll see... Kinda tired of that one.

Cloak of Armed Strife
- If I ever get into Naxx and get lucky...

Ranged Weapons

Sawed Off Hand Cannon
- got this one today. Check!

Armor Plated Combat Shotgun - have to save golds for this one, but WoW!


Titansteel Shield Wall - I figure with all the questing I have left to do after 80, I might actually be able to afford this. Awesome.

Leeka's Shield - Who wouldn't want this. Hard to get, drops from a chest in CoT: Culling of Strath, and awesomesause.

Bulwark of the Noble Protector - Drops in Heroic Nexas. Almost ready to go there. Might as well have a nice shield for the trouble.

Royal Crest of Lordaeron - would love this. Just a beautiful shield... very Alliance looking and reminds me of the epic looking gear from original WoW. CoT: CoS chest drop again. Fat chance, but I can dream, right?

So, it's those plus quest rewards until I get into heroics proper. Should be fun!

Happy Adventuring!



  1. The chest drop from Culling of Stratholme is actually the chest after having killed Mal'ganis, so both shields from there are very obtainable. In fact Leeka's has dropped so many times for us that it's always shardware.

  2. The Royal Crest of Lordaeron has a much better drop rate than you might think - in the last 20 or so runs that various guildies and friends have gone through, that shield has popped up 11 times. You'll have one in no time. :)

  3. See, that's great to know! At least some of this stuff won't be too terribly hard to get. Really looking forward to starting heroics, but wanna start out proper. Thank you both!