Sunday, March 29

Feelin' Lucky?

Friday is my first toon, as far as I'm concerned. Not technically, mind you. I mentioned before that my very first toon was an Undead Warlock with spiky hair. I thought it was very dark and goth and Punkish. But really, the Forsaken are mostly just grusome and twisted and too Metal for me.

Fri, though technically my second toon, was the one I really got into. So, put simply, that's why she's my main.

Unfortunately, she's also exceedinly unlucky.

RNG? Fuggitaboutit. Loot? None for Fri, thank you. Pick up 20 ears from mob-o-the-week with 44 ears each and with a drop rate of 90%? She'll have to kill 4000 to complete the quest. When I first started playing WoW, I ran VC over and over trying to get a particular sword to drop. Wanted two of them to dual wield. Nadda. Even after it was irrelevant, I kept running her through solo. Cleefy never dropped it for me, not once, that rotten, seaweed sucking, son of murloc bastard. Oh, I've seen it drop. Lots of times. Either didn't win the roll, or was running someone through that needed it.

This use to piss me off. Since maturing as a player, though, I don't even worry about it. If something isn't working I just go back later. Okay, technically I go kill the crap out of something until it's good and dead, let it respawn, and kill it good and dead again, just to take out my frustration. Lately, it's those elite giants that walk along the walls in Icecrown. But it's really the same sorta thing... Maturity = senseless slaughter, right?

What I've gotten better at is learning to do two or three things at once.

So if I can't find Shinys because some asshat Warlock, who runs in and grabs 'em while I'm killing all the giant, annoying snakes lurking about, took 'em all and I'm running around in the hot, steamy jungle in 200 lbs of armor with an idiot savant Shiny finder tagging along behind me... I just herb. Sure it takes me twice as long to complete the quest as most, but I come out of the dialy with 100g of herbs in my bags.

Ya gotta make luck work for ya, even if it's bad luck. :)

So you can imagine my surprise when in one day in HoL, Eternally Folded Blade dropped. Then in the next run (last night), Seal of the Pantheon dropped!

Wicked. :D

And now I are DEF capped enough to start buffing Hit and AP!!! Hooray!

Maybe Fri's luck is changing.

Maybe Alchemist Finklestein will finally just die.

Ah... dreams.


* And yes, in that first screenshot those are our bones when our healer got silenced and we wiped on trash. Like that's never happened to you before... :P


  1. Hit and AP?

    Defense and Hitpoints are usually first.

    For threat, Expertise is better than hit until capped.

    Not to mention working on avoidance stats etc.

  2. Perhaps I should have 'splain'd better. :)

    With the disclaimer that I gear for the content that my friends and I are interested. That's about as far as I go. I already spend too much time chasing gear and/or money to the exclusion of playing, but like I said, I'm getting better at doing both at the same time. :)

    But... yah, Expertise is definitely where I'm headin'. There's just not a lot of options in my gear range, that I've found so far.

    We're mainly into Heroics and building a 10-team, btw.

    Armor 21K+ Check. Health 21K+ Check. Dodge+Parry 32%+ Check. DEF 540 Check.

    With a few more acquisitions I'll be gearing over DEF cap without gems and enchants. I'll replace the gems with the big STAM gems, boosting health. I need gloves and bracers. As I re-enchant/gem and replace with higher rated DEF gear, I can enchant for other things.

    In my gear map, I'm not seeing any good expertise options for my next round.

    If I remember correctly, I need 165 Hit to soft cap. I'm at 103. I'm whiffing too much and it's an easy fix. I need something like 220 Expertise Rating and I'm at a pathetic 73 with no real options... that I've discovered yet.

    I'll take a look at the gear list again and see if I can find something that'll work. Maybe gem for it. (No I'm not gonna gem for Hit... nope.)

    Yah, I want the Expertise... just haven't found any creative options to add it until I move up a notch or two. It's one of those, "ya gotta do this, before you can do this" things. But you can bet if I find something that has it, I'll grab it. :D


  3. My twink rogue has/had a couple of those barbs...


    I like what you're doing with your blog! Mine's blah right now. I'm a little jealous! :)

  4. Gah! lol! I actually made a warrior twink just to have a toon with those weapons. Had 'em in three runs. See? It's Friday!

    And thank you, but your blog looks awesome. I should have said, but seeing you change it made me want to up date mine. :)

    Still not happy with it yet, but it's gonna take me and a nice long session with css to get it right. Someday...