Friday, April 3

Casual Friday: Wrong!

K, everyone who hates being wrong, raise your hand?

I see two of ya that didn't raise your hands... oh, okay, you play Paladins. Carry on.

I 'spect the rest of us actually are wrong occasionally and pretty much hate it.

I'm wrong fairly frequently, but I'm also pretty big on learning. It is, after all, one more method to drag my sorry self out of the wallowing cesspool of ignorance and into the glorious light of not-quite-as ignorant.

Settle down you two, I wasn't talking about that Light.

I got it wrong twice this week.

First, I had convinced m'self through f@!kidy maths that Hit was what I needed to continue my tankish journey of self improvement. WRONG!

Thanks to Darraxus the Warrior for pointing that one out. I did the maths again, this time while mostly awake, and read some stuff from some actual, well, you know... tanks. Sure enough, Expertise is better than Hit. In most cases, way better for a Warrior tank.

So, then I tried to rationalize it that I was whiffing too much and needed the Hit to connect. Well, yah, but after watching my actual combat performance, I'm getting dodged or parried more than I'm whiffing. And guess what solves that problem? Yup. And then after looking at gear for ages, I got it into my little noggin' that there wasn't any decent way for me to GET Expertise at my gear level, so I might as well gear for Hit. Wrong. I biased m'self when I settled on Hit being what I needed, so I automagically focused on that gear and ignored too much else.

All is well, though. Mine eyes hath seen the Glory. I shalt walk the straight and narrow of Expertise and I shalt not question those that doest know better.

K, not really, but pretend with me. I'm having an epiphe... epiffian... epiph... enlightened moment. :)

I also decided it was time to get to healing again, so I got Neveron when some guildies wanted to run their under-80 toons through UK. We had a Pally tank (Tilano), a DK (Violetfury), and a Fury Warrior (Natharan). We also pugged in another Pally.

So, I'm thinking that's just perfect. A little melee heavy, but that won't be much of a problem. I can heal this easy.

Cept our Pally decided to defer to the higher level Pally and let him tank. NP. Prot Pallys punch out more than enough DPS for this instance, and a higher level Pally will be easy peasy to heal. I've healed Prots before. You can sleep through most of the instance.

Ooops. He's not Prot. He's not Ret. He's Holy.

Ah well, plate is plate, right?


I've healed a Fury Warrior as tank and it's exciting. It's pretty much non-stop action from the heals end of things. A Holy Paly tanking is... even more exciting? :) Well, if having a coronary every time he gets crit is exciting, I s'pose.

Anyone who thinks Wrath is too easy just isn't trying hard enough. Try leveling a Holy Priest (with no gear) through Outland and Northrend. Try healing a Fury Warrior, and then go for hard mode with a Holy Pally taking Dark Smash. And both of 'em pulling aggro like a ping-pong ball. I was practically spamming the Holy Frisbee. Sounded like a freakin' pinball machine in there. BING! BING! BING! Easy, my ass.

No, not easy peasy. I was definitely wrong about that.

I learned that Prayer of Mending is your friend. I learned you can spam flash heal very fast if stand up at the keyboard while you yell at the GCD. I learned that the healer, when actually doing their job, doesn't really get to see much of anything except their heal bars. I learned that Pally's don't understand the concept of side run and keeping the bad guy's back to the healer (Gah!) and they don't ever take advice from Holy Priests. Okay, maybe that wasn't actually my bad. :D

Doesn't hurt to be wrong sometimes. Makes us better players. But only if we pull out our heads and fix it. Sometimes a skewed and skewered perspective is just what's needed. Here's to being wrong.

Doesn't mean I have to like it. Or that I wanna be a Pally sometimes. :)



  1. Ahh, pally bashing takes me back. My husband's best friend is a pally and he moved away so now we can't tease him as much.

  2. For some reason, I had a couple of really bad experiences with Pally healers in BC. As in, epeens so big that the four other party members, the pally and the boss couldn't actually fit inside the instance at the same time. It kinda stuck for a long time. I actually love Pallys now. As a Prot Warrior, no one straight heals better than a good Holy Pally.

    But it's still fun to tease 'em. I pull their hair, too.



  3. An enlightened moment?

    Don't you mean an apostrophe?

    (Bonus points if you get the joke. ^_^ )

  4. After last night's runs, feels more like a Period. :P

    Thanks for the linkage, btw. :D