Sunday, April 19

Gaaaaah! WIPE! /facepalm

Gah! It's been of week of freakin' errors! Errorserrrorserrors! Then I'm messing with the blog this morning and WHAM! I deleted all three of the What Kinda Warrior posts.


Luckily, google had 'em cached, so I was able to at least snag most of the text, sans the editing I'd done and the wonderful comments people had been leaving. Sigh.

So, super thanks to everyone that did comment. I am working quickly to incorporate the suggestions, changes, and corrections everyone made. Arms is updated as I write this and the other two will follow shortly. My apologies for the wipe. :/

Also, thank you to Pix at The Pixelated Executioner and Adam and WoW Insider for the linkage (and anyone else I didn't catch!). With additional apologies for the broken linkage.

I will try to have a NEW post up by tomorrow.


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