Monday, April 20

I <3 The Argent Tournament

About four and half seconds before I hit Publish, this post was called "I love being mounted." Luckily, I realized that there might, just might, be a couple of freaks on the interwebs out there that might get the wrong idea. So, we get the less catchy title instead. :P

If you've followed this blog a bit, you prolly know that I'm an Argent Dawn fan. If you haven't then let me reiterate: I'm an Argent Dawn fan. I like the whole concept of the Argent Dawn. Pretty much all of it, 'cept it seems a little off that they let undead in. /shrug

Maybe it's just Alchemist Finklestein that ticks me off. Yah, I still hate that guy.

I first encountered the Argent Dawn way back when I started playing. How's that, you ask? Friday, you silly, you don't meet the Argent Dawn until you get to the Plaguelands! You can't meet them until you hit your mid-50s.

Well, when I hit level 21, I decided to go see Uther's Tomb. I started in Iron Forge and spent most of a day running and exploring. I didn't die once until I got within sight of the tomb. Thinking I'd made it that far I ran straight for it... and agrro'd about half of the Western Plaguelands.

So, after a quick bone run, I snuck in carefully when I saw a group of 60s clearing out the undead. Made it. Then in general chatter it starts...

"Why is there a 21 here?"
"lol some 21 over here!"
"Why she lost?"
"there's a 21 here looking for candles?!?"

And so on. No one spoke directly to me, of course, even when I asked for help. Just about me being there. :D Anyhoo, I had to get out. So I skirted around the mobs as best I could and when I reached the graveyard gates I ran for it. And aggro'd the other half of WPL.

So here I am running for my life down the road, passing 50-somethings and 60s with an undead choo choo right behind me. I come flying over the little rise and land right in the middle of the Chillwind Camp. (I didn't know it at the time, but those undead probably leashed long before I got to the camp. I wasn't turning around to check, though. Nope.)

I get the flight point and poke around a little. There's this nice, but kinda snotty, lady telling me I'm not good enough to join their little undead killing club. I decided right then and there that I would be good enough.

I've been fascinated with the Argent Dawn ever since.

Jump forward 59 levels, hard won exalted rep (pre-nerf mind you!), and a LOT of dead undead...

So... When the Argent Tournament was announced, needless to say I was, hmmm... how should we say? Giddy? Oh yah.

How is it? Freakin' awesome.

There's really not anything I don't like about it. I haven't cursed like a sailor at the computer screen since I played PvP heavily. Those Argent Valiants cheat like... cheaters!

Okay, it's probably glitched, but when they can charge and toss when they're standing right on top of you, it's just not right. I love that, because beatin' 'em is that much more fun.

Some quick tips (probably better out there):

* Bring your defense up to full before you start the fight. Being the rotten cheaters they are, they start the fight with two shields up. You might as well go three up.

* Stand and fight. Don't try to get distance and charge/toss at 'em. Let them do that. Just stand and wail on 'em until they turn to open some distance.

* When they DO open the distance, started pounding charge. You can usually get it in long before they do.

* As you finish the charge, turn in an arc, and toss at 'em to bring down another shield. If they get the toss off on you (usually) hit your shield right away and then close and start bashing 'em again. You'll have three up and they'll have either one or two.

It takes a while, but rinse and repeat until you win. Unless they cheat, of course. Dirty cheaters. Sometimes, when you charge, suddenly all your shields go down and their shield goes to full! Wut? Aw well, a come from behind is great. If not, grab another pony and stomp 'em hard the next time.

The quest chains are fun, but WAY too short. The "Lady of the Lake" quests are cute, but there's only three of them and they take awhile to do because of the traveling. I'd recommend doing two things at once on these. I herb along the way.

I do hope they add more quests. With regular mount combat. Yah! And longer chains to get rewards.

I won't hit Champion until a'morrow. But I'm likin' the Argent Tourny so far. The music and setting are classic knights and ladies-in-waiting style. They just really, really need to add more themed outfits....

Yah, I bought the Stormwind souvenir t-shirt.



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