Sunday, August 16

How I Missed the Patch, or Big Giant @#$! Kittens

So, I get sick, get a promotion at work, work many many overtimes, stay sick, can't write in blog... don't even have the energy to play WoW. I mean really? F!@k kittens (NSFW).* Naturally, Blizz waits until then to release the patch. So, instead of writing something worthwhile about the patch and all, it's time for yet more random screen shots. Hooray! :D

Leveling a Holy Priest is easysauce! Just getcha one of these.
They work for random food drops and you just stand back
and soak up the XP. Win! :D

New cute hair! :D Ugly VC drops. :/

Level 20 mounts are genius! Now why do I suddenly have an
urge to park on a mailbox?

This boat has some of the prettiest views. Odd but true.

o/` She's just the girl, she's just the girl... The girl you want. o/`

Werk werk werk.

Payday in Stormwind. /sigh

AWWW! Baby murlock. Want!

Vi got her Black Warbear. FOR THE ALLIANCE!

Yes! I actually LIKE jousting. I may suck at dps, I can't tell the bad guy's
crap on the floor from the DK's crap on the floor, and I may spend most
of the rest of the dungeon face down on the floor... but that Crusader
title gets me into plenty of ToCs. :P

Who left the gate open?!? Damn kids.


* I have no idea why that phrase makes me laugh so hard. Scout is bad! Bad bad bad! And I still laugh so hard I /cry and/or /spew. NSFW!

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