Saturday, August 1

Fun with Google

I have lots of draft stuff in progress, as usual, mostly commentary and whining and other stuff. So instead of working any of those to finish, I'm gonna do something completely different and SWIPE! again.

Pixelated Executioner has used his site traffic thing to find how people are finding his site. So last month I signed up for google Analytics, cause I thought that was a very neato idea. :D

This is stuff I find interesting. You? Maybe not so much. :P So, what we got?

The average time on site was 1 minute 4 seconds. Ouch. Course, a Ret Pally could kill a couple dozen other players in that time, so I guess it's not that bad. When you break it out and look at time spent when someone actually searches for a relevant page, though, it jumps up to over nine minutes. Which is enough time for a Warlock to solo Naxx with a VW, I believe. Much better.

Top ten pages in July were:

Main Page (Our Girl Friday)
Journy to the Grim Guzzler
Lazy Days in Dalaran
New Alt and Some Stuff
Bladestorm for Dum Dums
Flower Picking Plate Wearers in 3.2
Building a Better Arms Warrior, Part 2
Fun With Warriors: Heroic Strike
Large Burly Men Picking Flowers

I know that's only nine. Google lists two entries, one is "My Girl Friday" and the other as "Main Page." /shrug

After that the remainder (and several of the top ten) are all looking for Arms Warrior stuff. So I ran a search on google m'self and sure enough, there's really not a lot out there that's current. Pix's site comes up a lot. A few older guides that aren't quite up to date. That's about it!

Basically, most of mah blog's traffic comes from people looking for information about Arms Warriors and Alchemy/Herbalism. And directions to the Grim Guzzler. That's a kinda good thing to know.

Most links come from blogger or google. The blogs that sent traffic here, according to Analytics, were Awakening in Progress, Casual Hardcore, Warcraft Bloggers, Banana Shoulders, One WoW Warrior, and Tank Like a Girl. TYTYTYTYTYTYTYTY! :D

Quicky Q&A from the referral searches:

Q: How to get to the Grim Guzzler?
A: Here

Q: Linzy Blackbolt?
A: She teaches you Alchemy in Dalaran. Here go.

Q: Warriors like me?
A: Hope you found something... um... something...

Q: Warrior heroic dungeon ready?
A: I'm so sorry you got referred here, cause you definitely ended up in the wrong place! But... If you complete the quests in Zul'Drak, Storm Peaks, and Icecrown and run the regular 80 dungeons a few times each on the way, you can do heroics. Will you get to? Check with your guildies. Failing that, you'll have to PuG and that's difficult for a gearing Warrior. Most PuGs want thier warrior rough, buff, and WAY over geared. Good luck, though!

Q: Aesir's Edge for an Arms Warrior?
A: Oh hell yah! Again, sorry you ended up here, though. That's a weapon I'll never even come close to seeing. Go getcha some if ya can, though! Drops of the XT-002 thingie in Ulduar. Good luck and send pix when you get it!

Q: Andrea Kadomi?
A: She's right here. Go on. I'll wait.

Q: Are PuGs good or bad?
A: Evil incarnate. As my dear Sargent Major father always says, it's the biggest clusterf&ck you'll ever see. Which, of course, is what makes them so fun. Sometimes. When you're in the mood to put up with it. Warned.

Q: These search words: arms flowers hippy.
A: This brings up shopping and pictures of hippy chicks frolicking in flowers. I'm guessin' ya didn't get what you were looking for here, but try WoW anyway. It's good for the inner pacifist to let go and chop monsters into little bits every once and awhile. And there is flower picking, too!

Q: Arms Warriors resilience or dps?
A: DPS. For PvE and PvP, as it is right now. Even with piles of resilience, you're gonna die in about 8 seconds (literally, not being silly) in a fight with other players. You won't have time to be skilled, since you'll be dead before you get two or three swings off. Maybe with the changes in 3.2 coming up, resilience will be a better stat. I hope so! But as it is right now: DPS for both.

Q: Bladestorm? And Bladestorm threat?
A: Here. And no idea. Threat from Bladestorm will depend on damage modified by any threat reducing talents. Generally, though, give your tank a 6-9 seconds because you shouldn't Bladestorm at the beginning of a fight. Very bad things can happen. Like, ya know, /faceplant. You'll be putting up Rend, Battle Shout and Mortal Strike first anyhow, so don't worry too much about it. In PvP, you need to 1) have a full health bar cause when you start spinning like a top everyone on the other side with focus you instantly, 2) pop Recklessness first if you can, and 3) hamstring your target(s) BEFORE you pop Bladestorm otherwise they'll just run away. That's the short version.

Q: Elixir of Armor Piercing?
A: Crap. Taste like ass, too. Use this.

Q: Arms Warrior axe, mace, or sword?
Axe. If you're serious about DPS you need Poleaxe spec to get the crit rating you need. I use a sword cause I likes them, the one I have is really purdy, and I don't care what anyone thinks about it. But get an 2H axe if you're serious. Maybe, hopefully someday Blizz will come to its senses and combine the weapon specs into one called "Weapons Master" or something like that. It would be a Crit boost only talent on account many of our abilities rely on procs from Critical hits. Kinda makes way more sense. Oh, and Arms Warriors are the only Class/Spec that are punished for picking up a different weapon. Not only can you not use your shiny new toy to its full potential, but you have to pay 50g to respec at a trainer. Suckage.

Q: Friday Hardcore?
A: Has something to do with the bar scene. Sorry. Um, need directions to the Grim Guzzler?

Q: Is there a macro for Arms Warrior Revenge?
A: Cracksmoker.

Q: Learn to shake booty classes?
A: Um, here ya go. :)

People are funny.



  1. Friday, remind me to send you a shot of Lelissa with her Aesir's Edge(s) - yes, that's plural. Her off-spec is Fury, and they're terribly, terribly pretty swords. ^_^

  2. Gah! :P

    Now I'm after the axe that drop in reg ToC. It's yummy!