Monday, August 17

Little updates for 3.2

I'm still going through stuffs from the patch. So far my verdict: Yes!


Mostly though, I've just been playing. No plan or anything like that. I find myself tanking almost all the time. I WANNA DPS! ARRRRR! And mostly old stuffs for guildies. I have posts for several things going about 3.2. Yah, most it will never see the light of a blog... but everything works its way in here eventually.

I am getting tired of the "look" of the blog, so once again, hang on while I move the furniture around. Could get messy here for awhile.

I'm terribly excited about some of the "leaked" information about the next expansion, but I'll wait for something more official to see what's what. I will, however, mention that if Blizzard does add some new class/race combinations AND add Worgen as a playable race, they'd better be adding some character slots.

I just don't want to go through the pain and suffering of having to delete any of my beloved alts for my shiny new Worgen Whatever and Human Hunter. That would be most sad. Oh, geez... what class can Worgen be? You mean I have to start thinking about that as well???

Oh, who I am kidding. Warrior. :)

Oh, yah we're still in Northrend... Ahem...

Alchemy is looking good but WAY over due for some "fun" stuff. Oh, don't get me wrong I like the useful stuff, and it's awesome! But fun stuff would be a Good Thing, as well.

The new Crusader quests are quite nice. The additional quests make the Argent Tournament a little more like Qual'Danas, but with, you know, ice and krakens and dead vikings guys and stuff. Some of the quests are similar, though not nearly as challanging. Solo'ing these is cake.

The new Dalaran Children's Week quest is cute. This is, unfortunately, a done-it before quest chain. Nothing new other than the locales to travel with and the orphan model. We'll keep our fingers crossed that Blizz updates the Children's Week quests next year.

What can I say about the new battleground. Fun? Amazing? Wicked? Parachute into the enemy fort sometime. I don't care if it's strategy or not... just do it cause it's fun as hell! :D Don't like the changes to Wintergrasp, though. I got passed over twice now. Annoying! The other BG changes are fine. Resilience still needs work, but is a little bit better. Arms warriors are still gonna get obliterated, but just not as fast now. Instead of six seconds, you've got like, say 10 seconds. Get your shouts off and take a dive for the team. /shrug

While I don't know, nor will likely ever know, anything about the new raid, the new Trial of the Champions dungeon is fun romp. If you like the Ring of Blood style quests (and who doesn't) you'll love this. Yes, jousting is required. So nah nah ptttttttpht to anyone who didn't spend the first two weeks of the Argent Tournament cussing at the game trying to learn to joust. :P

Seriously, as long as ya got at least three people that can at least stay close to the bad guys, and hold them still, you'll be fine. The rest of it is fun and the loots are great.

K, it's very obvious that Blizzard is giving everyone a leg up in an attempt to pile as many people into Icecrown as possible. I bet anyone who's run the Heroic Trial of the Champion (or at most 10-man, regular Trial of the Crusader) several times (and grabbed some emblem gear along the way) will be able to step into the beginning of the regular version of Icecrown Citadel, gear-wise.

Yes, this still feels like a move away from the "endgame" and big raids being the culmination of an expansion. If even a smidgen of the rumors about the next expansion are true, it'll be very interesting to see how Blizzard continues down this path.

Actually, it makes a lot of sense. But not in the way many players suspect... Hmmm... I'll follow up on those thoughts later. I gotta go play WoW.


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