Tuesday, July 22

DC Does the Don

I keep forgetting to take pictures of stuffs Dark Clan has done. Usually having to much fun doing it. I did manage to snap a shot of three of us with our shiny new hats from Don Carlos. He was added to Old Hillsbrad in the Caverns of Time in the last patch. It wasn't until after we'd already left and hearth'd that we discovered you could run the fight in heroic mode and get the hat that has a doggie pet, as well. Ah well, another adventure for another day.

The fight is pretty simple. The first time we did it I figured there were three of us. A 68 Lock (Undrenar), a 70 Fire Mage (Violetvega) and me (Arms/Fury) so that's plenty of fire power. No heals, but hey it's one guy right? Okay, he's not that tough. But he has this annoying dog with him. And then there's the bit about the Lordaeron patrol that you DO NOT want to Thunderclap and piss off. So with the guards joining in the fun, ahem, we wiped pretty hard.

Second round we got smarter. The dog sheeps nicely. We had Undrenar's VW tank the Don and we all just flat out DPS'd. Poor guy went down fast and we stole his hat. I felt a little bad about that, but it works out in the end. :) Oh and there's an outfit that goes with it that includes a jacket and pants. Violet, the tailor, is making those for us.

I'm pruposely not telling you about the quest because it's kind fun and cute. Go see Don Carlos out by the GY just outside of Gadget. He'll getcha hooked up. Here's hoping Blizz adds a lot more stuff like this.


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