Thursday, July 17

Recent photo stuffs

Haven't done screen shots in awhile, so here goes...

My S2 Helm the day they became available. I had been saving up for the S1 helmet anyhow, so it worked out nice. I don't display it though. It's freakin' FUUUUUGLY! Great stats, just horrendous to look at.

Did also get Exalted with Shatter Sun. Actually for awhile now. Got all excited to get the title and everything and then found out it was a vanity gold sink. Blah! So no title for me thanks. I'll keep working on Justicar, many moons down the road. I did get the tabard, though cause it's pretty good looking when ya need something formal or fancy.

The Fire Festival was a blast, and then I forgot which day it ended and all my blossoms disappeared. So I didn't get even one single reward. Very upset about that. Overall, though, the festival itself was a blast. More, Blizz! More!

I lagged hard on the way to the BG's and ended up mounted inside the castle. Heh! So here's me AND Bruce where he ain't spose to be. Ha Ha!

Damn lag.

Me in Warsong Gulch during a lag. It was a bad night. We still ended up winning four in a row. And then that was all the WSG I could stand for the night. Hate to quit on a winning streak, though. I try to play one of each of the BGs every night, plus the daily till I win. Though some days I'm in a mood and will only play one over and over again.

This is my "main alt," Neverontues. She's a Holy Priest about to start the 49 bracket Arathi Basin. The difference between playing a Warrior and a Priest may seem like night and day, but the synergy between the two classes is exceedingly important for both to understand. There's a strong symbiotic relationship between Priests and Warriors. They complete each other. Oh, and Priests kick ass in the Battlegrounds!

Just finishing up some quests from the Demon Hunter guy in Nagrand. He sends ya out to kill three baddies in different zones. Here's the ugly tongue guy in Zangar. These are cakewalk, btw. Easy to finish up at your leasure.

Another one of the baddies from the Demon Hunter dude. I just want to shake that guy and say "When do I get to play a Demon Hunter hero-class, ya igit!" This is probably the most challenging of them (though still silly easy) only because you have to clear out the Burning Legion mobs around her. Which just means more Marks of Sargaras for me! Woo hoo!

Dark Clan on the move in a fly-by of Wildhammer Stronghold in Shadowmoon Valley. I believe we're headed to Legion Hold here. We're currently working on making this a flight of Netherdrakes. :) That's guildmaster Voldar in the background.

I hate these guys at the Elemental Plateau in Nagrand, but they drop yummie motes I need to make Alchemy things. So give 'em up ya fire breathing bastich. Gimmee!

That'll do for now. :D


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