Sunday, July 27

Instantatus Interuptus and Two Drunk Rogues

Well, crap. After two hours of waiting in LFG (gawd I hope they improve that soon), I finally got into the heroic daily. Last night it was Blood Furnace, which is a pretty good run with some interesting boss fights. The last boss Keli'dan the Breaker likes to suck you in and AoE the whole party, so ya gotta be quick on your toes.

Anyhoo, I get in and then get called away, so I had to drop. Luckily, Dark Clan Guildmaster, Voldar, was kind enough to fill for me. Which probably worked out better cause we were running the thing with two rogues and me for dps. No combat cc at all. :D Not recommended, but do'able if you hit fast and hard and have a solid healer. Oh, and to make it even more fun, both Rogues were drunk. I only got to run as far as the first boss, but it was a highly entertaining run, even with the wipes. The healer and Tankadin were very understanding. :D

On the Maker, the first boss, I got to kill our Resto Druid healer twice. Boss mind controls, btw. Gonna have nightmares about that. Here I am, spec'd and geared specifically to kill cloth and he sends me right at her and nails her with a nice hard Bloodthirst. She didn't even have a chance to Cyclone me. It was horrible. Heh. (We just burned him down on the second try.)

They did get through it, from what I hear, though it took awhile. A fun group and wish I'd gotten to finish. Next time...



  1. Yes the drunk ones, they can be the funniest thing ever or your worst nightmare, sounded you got the funny ones. I'm scared of PuG's for that reason, you really do not know what you are going to get.

  2. I always really try to go into any PuG with the right expectations. Not low expectations, mind you. I think even PuG players should be playing their best AND playing correctly. Sometimes they're a little more goofy or fun is all. :)

    Anyhoo... Those Rogues did know their business so it worked out. Got into a ZF PuG on an alt the other day. Started out fun, but boy got horrible after 3 1/2 hours. Yeah, 3 1/2 freakin' hours in ZF! Terrible. I'll write about that next time I'm in a qq mode. :D

    Alwasy great to hear from ya!