Tuesday, July 22

Wrath of the Alchemist!


Wotlkwiki posted some Alchemist info from the Beta, so thought we'd take a peek today. Nothing terribly exciting, but good to know to get ready.

(I'm not linking these yet, cause most of the tooltips from Wowhead aren't up. Update to come.)

Add 75 more points to your Alchemy skill, bringing it up to 450. Considering there's a lot of basic potions, most of them probably trainable, that shouldn't be too difficult to pull off. We become Grand Master Alchemists in the processes. Hooray! (Cannah get a title and tabard for that, please?)

Our new top-end Transmute is Eternals. And yes, we get to make Eternal Might! I only ever use the Primal Transmutes to get that one last bit for a Primal Might anyhow. Nothing too exciting here, but like Primals, watch for cheap conversions.

There's a new oil to make called Pygmy Oil and it's used in a few pots. Comes from the Pygmy Suckerfish. So, if you're like me and stopped leveling fishing when you could make all your oils, it's time to break out the ol' fishing pole and get to it. The tooltip for this stuff so far just says "Drink It." I'm really hoping for something hysterical. The obvious effect would be insta-gnome. heh... Imagine a 3' tall Tauren in T6 gear. Aw, cute! :)

Then there's the usual assortment of Elixir's, Potions and Flasks. Sorry, nothing really got me excited. Mostly just upgrades. Good. But I'm thinking Blizz isn't done with Alchemy yet. If they are... woe is me.

Herbalist will be getting some competition from Inscribers practicing the new Inscription trade. They can "mill" various herbs to get inks to do their work. Competition for herbs is going to get nasty. Prices will skyrocket. Stock up now? Yah, it's alt bank time.

I found these on Wowheads Wrath site. Hmmm... I wonder. :)

Overall, nothing huge. Again, though, this is obviously very early information and it's nice to know the basics are covered. And let's hope there's some Alchemy fireworks coming soon! Some stuff I'd like to see:

* More oils. Oils to apply to all sorts of stuff. We can't even make massage oil! Sheesh! There's plenty of beasties and plants out there we could be extracting oils from. Even a "milling/prospecting" ability would be good. And not just weapons, but definitely better weapon oils as well. Was there a weapon oil for BC? Basically, short term "enchants" that are as good as the real deal. Fun!

* Incense. Burn 'em during encounters for nice, fat AOE buffs. Yah, you'd have to carry around flint and tinder (does anyone do that anymore???), but for the right buffs, you bet. The limit would be they are only available to Alchemists. And think how much nicer battles and boss fights would smell! Apple-cranberry Illidan? Love it!

* More fun potions. How about illusion potions? Love potions? Puke potions? Potions for pets? Potions that change you different colors? Smoke bombs that drop aggro or blow in different colors as markers? There's no limit to silly, slightly useful though not really, pots we could make.

Alchemy needs a kick. I can has pots now?


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