Sunday, May 3

Alchemy Revelation

I don't really write a lot about Alchemy and Herbalism, though I prolly should. It's pretty simple:

Pick the flower.

Make the pot.

Drink the pot.


Prolly why I like it. It's pretty simple and has some great bennies.

Course, like any profession in WoW it's got some complexities. Tracking which herb makes what, what you can make with what you got, and so on can get a little overwhelming. I'll take anything that simplifies.

My ideal add on Alchemy add-on would:

* Keep track of all Alchemy related mats across all toons.
* Show me a list of what I can make with on hands.
* Show me a list of what I can't make with on hands.
* Show me the best place to farm what I don't have (interface with Carbonite)
* Show me a list of recipes I have.
* Show me a full list of what I don't have (and where to get 'em).
* Calculate the going price of a mat versus finished product using Auction Lite pricing on mouse over.

Is that asking so much? Yah, I basically want an alchemist apprentice companion who does everything for me. And a personal cook. And a guy to go fishing for me. And why can't my Squire actually carry some of my crap?!? Great, you can carry my Champion flags around. Woopee. I carried several thousand pounds of horse and bird around in my backpack for years, you little whimp!


While browsing I found this one that at least helps a bit. It's called Revelation. When you use a key combo-mouse click, it pulls up a list of what you can make with a particular herb based on what you have on-hand in your bags. Is that snazzy or what?!?

So in the pic, you can see I can make the four pots I use regularly with two herbs and one vial. I use Crazy Alchemist's Potion, Elixir of Deadly Strikes, Elixir of Expertise, and Elixir of Mighty Fortitude. (I pre-mix Flask of Stoneblood for dungeon runnin'.) Without having to opening the trade window, I just select the one I want, click how many I want, mix, drink, done!

I can also drag my herb bag from the bank into a bag slot, do the key-mouse click thingie, and get an easy list of what I can make with on-hands before a run. Combine with Auction Lite and ya get a quick price comparison of mat stacks versus finished pot. Little maths involved, but not too terrible and way easier than doing the comparison by hand while scanning the AH.

Apparently works for other professions, as well... but who cares. :D

Gotta recommend this one for all hippy flower pickers out there. It's easy, small and an awesome interface addition.



  1. Try Ackis Recipe List. It lets you scan your profession window and tells you what recipe/pattern you don't have, and where to get it. Works on any profession.

  2. This is nifty! Even gives you an idea of where/how to get it and includes an export feature so you can make a lil' checklist. Perfect!

    Thank you for the recommendation! :D