Friday, May 29

Casual Friday: Screenshot Cleaning

This guy tried for over 2 hours. Looks like he made it. Course by the time he'd satisfied the peen he'd have been done. There's nothing wrong with having an epeen. Just don't let it slow you down.:D

Fashion Week: My new fishing outfit. I thieved this idea from a nelf in Dal.

Fashion Week #2: My new around town outfit. The top is from the walrus people.

Fashion Week#3: Coordinating weaponry is required. These helped me get the Knuckle Sandwich achievement this week. :D

For the Horde! I mean... we're going for the Horde!

Aw, a note from Wrynn. Sweet!

See?!? Told ya everyone wants to hug my baby Orc!

Dark Clan GM Voldar and his pew pew, pew pew, pew pew, pew pew lasers. Guy is a one man Star Wars.

My new toy. And YES is DOES come with batteries!

OMG My interface sucks!

Not bad for questing, but still...

I'm taking out X-Perl right now! Any suggestions? I hear Bulldog is nice.


1 comment:

  1. Cute outfits alert! :D Love the fishing, and the shot is set up really well.

    The Kalu'ak chest is so... visceral. Very warrior-y.