Friday, May 22

For the Alliance!

I've done the Horde bosses a couple of times. Well, all but the Tauren one. Never successfully, mind you, but they were just for fun "nothing else to do" kinda raids.


There's a group of Alliance on Fenris who have made something of an art form of raiding the Horde cities. This Saturday (it's no secret) they'll be leading huge 400+ raids into all four Horde capitals at once. Not sure why, except that they can. Which I can respect that. :)

I won't get to go on that one 'cause of work, but I did get to hook up with one of the raid leaders and his crew last night for a For the Alliance raid. I'd been hearing good things about Hardwarlock, his gang, and their success in leading various raids. So successful that my Horde friends on Fenris admitted that, when they know they're coming, they don't even bother putting up a fight anymore. I can see why.

All one shots. All Horde bosses in... a tiny bit over 54 minutes. :D

And no this wasn't at 3AM or anything ultra-shitty like that. This was at about 10pm realm time (Eastern US). Realm was at medium population at the time.

What was amazing was how well organized it was. With thier reputation, the raid filled in about 15 minutes. 10 minutes after that everyone was summoned, ported, mounted and at the gates of Theramore. The rest stops for each city were planned out and well palced. The raid leaders had every detail planned out from the starting place to the escape plan. Every tank knew specifically what to do and where to go. Every healer had their assignments. They used vent to give quick and concise strategy for the next city while in route. The raid assitants knew thier jobs. Everyone was calm, cool, and even funny. If something went wrong, they had a plan or a response for that as well.

Everyone did what they were told to do! Huge plus.

We just blew through it.

I was backup tank on Thrall (not needed). We did a four tank taunt-fest on Bloodhoof. The MT got dismounted going into Sylvanas, so I got to start that fight. And I got to MT on that Silvermoon guy. (Does anyone really ever remember his name?!?)

There was an explosion in the Black Bear population of Dalran shortly after. Go figure. :)

Very fun raid when done right. It's very fun when done wrong, as well, don't get me wrong. In fact, it's way more exciting when you're suddenly alone and being hunted through the streets of a Horde capitol with the entire city population pissed off and looking to tar and feather you (or worse). But when it goes exceptionally well... and there's bear in your mail box when you finish... well, that's pretty good, too. :D


PS And yah we went so fast I couldn't even get a good screen shot. But I'm going again, soon!

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