Sunday, May 17

A Warrior's Journey: Leaving the Nest

I've leveled plenty of alts, mostly on the Alliance side. I've tried to level Horde alts. Shamans, warlocks, hunters, mages, even a rogue. I tried Trolls (funny), Undead (sick, but in a good way sometimes), Taurens (way too cute and fuzzy), and Belfs (no thanks, okay, bye bye).

I finally broke down and started up what I know best and what I like about the Horde. I made an Orc Warrior. :)

I love these guys.

Wha? Another warrior? Yah. I likes them. Why an Orc? I likes them, too. They're all green and growly and stuff and it's funny when they say "Lok'tar!" (No idea what that meant until now, but it's still fun to say.)

So I decided it'd be fun to write about the new Warrior leveling experience. Not technically. I'm no good at hardcore guides, how-tos, or anything like that. This is just the impressions that I get.

First thing I did was decide, after many, many moons, to start over completely. I've never really left Fenris. I've got a few toons on other servers, but they were all from when home was down. You know those annoying people that flood your home realm's starter area, take over /trade and dance nekkid on the mailbox when yours is the only realm up? That would be me. Sorry about that.

So, I switched realms and made a brand spankin' new level 1 Orc. This is about as close to the noob experience as you can get. Change factions, realms and roll.

The game is very different, at least for me, with absolutely no social circle, no guild to call on, no high level characters to get mail from, no resources. Just a mostly nekkid orc standing around in the desert. Kind of a deserted island feeling. Freaky.

I can't whisper a friend and say, "Hey it's Fri on an alt! Come kill this bad guy! PLEEEEEZ"

There's no "Hiya GM-type! It's Fri. Can you guild invite me. I needs golds!"

There's no way I'm leveling a crafting profession. I need money! I stayed in the starter area for awhile signing guildbank charters and made 5g. Whew. At least my Axe doesn't completely suck any more. Vanity is a huge motivator to sell your signature to any Belf that walk by. I'm not ashamed of that. You'd do it, too for an Axe with 7.8 dps. Ha!

Quest rewards in vanilla are terrible. Yes, that chest piece with twice the armor but with spirit on it IS better for your little warrior. Sad, but true. I'm still gonna save all my golds as best I can so I can get a mount at 30. Walking sucks. And yes, it's worse on the Horde side. Yes. Truth. Imagine runs as long as the Duskwood road for And the gathering quests? Way worse than Westfall. Seriously. There are MILLIONS of beakless plainstriders in the Barrens. Millions of them.

Remember when managing rage was an important part of the game? I can't spam HS??? What's wrong with this damn game?!? Oh. I have to wait. I hate waiting. What level do I get Shield Slam? UHG!

Seeing the Barrens without having to ride like hell and check over your shoulder constantly is actually a treat. At sundown it's a quite fetching. Very African savanah looking. Wait...

That level 13 raptor did NOT just pwn me? No way. Arg! That's it, I'm buying armor, anyway. Hell with the mount. Three bone runs in a row is more than this little Orc can take. And I'm coming back for you Raptor-boy. Oh yes.

I keep giving Barrens guards a wide berth. Habits dying hard and all that.

Oh, crap. I forgot to train and buy a ranged weapon. Ogrimar is a looooong way away.

Run little Orc run!

So far so good... at least with skinning and mining I'm making enough money to keep my skills leveled. First time doing this I had to go grind gnolls constantly for coppers. Experience helps a little even when you're out on your own. Still... a guildie or two would be nice. Hmmmm...

I probably missed all the fun. So far, not a single person has spoken in the infamous Barrens Chat.

Next, how the leveling goes for a new Warrior.


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