Sunday, May 3

Nothin' Exciting

Just some catchin' up on screen shots. Lots of drafts I'm workin' on but nothing ready yet...

New gold making opportunity.

This guy is just the BEST listener in the world!

Crazy lady? Lich King? That's not good.
(Fun fight, though. Specially when the healer gets the

Quick fun run with the big bugs.

Make that dead big bugs.

Lil' bit o' Fury fun before going back to Arms.
Want one of those!

Sorry. Didn't mean to interrupt your "Private Time."

HoL and UP are two of my favorite dungeons.

Always a pleasure. Now, die scumbag.

Back to Arms! Yeah! Needs gears! Oh noes.

LOL! Funny glitch. Ram surfin', Vi!

Hail to the Queen! On your knees, Lich Bitch!

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